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Your trained employees give a great boost to efficiencies.

They acknowledge the importance of the 'licence to tender' role held by the nominated person. They help build on this persons existing knowledge and expertise and provide an excellent 're-focus' opportunity by: Read more here

Being able to identify simple and straightforward strategies

The ability to make offers beneficial to both parties through information with good value arrangements in place that can be drawn on to reduce time & effort spent on various tasks, sharing and listening to real problems that the public sector comes up against and giving hints and tips on how to avoid or overcome them. Read more here

They acknowledge the importance of the "licence to tender" role

A consortium is simply an association or group of businesses who join together to minimize costs, maximise selling power and provide better value for money. They help build on members existing knowledge and expertise and provide an excellent "re-focussing" opportunity. The higher the volume of business going through these agreements the better the quality and price you can offer. Read more here

Sharing Best Practice - if you've find a good tender, share it with?

You may very well ask why a good deal should be shared particularly one that you've spent time finding. It is very simply that when sharing a tender you might increase your chances of getting the contract.

Reviewing the tender requirements and some of the required

Mechanics of cost estimation, cost estimation of labour rates and labour acquisition calculations, assessing risks, assessment of risk to potential profits, establishing the right price for your tender Read more here

Reviewing the tender requirements and some of the required steps

he concept of strategy has been borrowed from the military and adapted for use in business. A review of what noted writers about business strategy have to say suggests that adopting the concept was easy because the adaptation required has been modest. Read more here

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