Small businesses:

New Partnership means big firms can't take all of London 2012 contract money


Small businesses have got to act in order to be able to share in the billions of pounds of contracts that are up for grabs nationally leading up to, during and beyond the London 2012 games.


Two small businesses have identified the opportunities that await SME’s whilst acknowledging the hurdles that stand between them and winning lucrative contracts.


Tendering for Contracts Training expert Lloyd Sewell and Adrian Pike of Public Sector E-Procurement Ltd  t/a  “Dotgov Supplies and Services” have joined forces.


In collaboration their two companies provide a joined up service that links contracts information, facilitation, training, public sector database access and support that provides a complete package to any small enterprise.  


Lloyd said: “Much of that business could, should and can go to small businesses. But many small firms that are quite competent to do the work, are just not capable of winning it in the first place. It will be a tragedy if all the contracts go only to large firms.”


Both Adrian and Lloyd are keen to stress that small businesses will no longer miss out on lucrative contracts now or in the years ahead, they are now at last in a win-win position, backed by all the help and support they could possibly need.


Lloyd's Tendering for Contracts Training Ltd specialises in helping small businesses owners prepare themselves to tender for public sector contracts. (Lloyd has 10 years’ experience delivering training in public sector procurement).


He has developed an online training course to help small businesses quickly and affordably learn the tendering skills they need.


Dotgov Supplies and Services specialises in informing companies of upcoming and available tenders from local authorities; their system also gives companies the option to apply for the subcontract once the full contract has been awarded, this service provides SME’s with opportunities to bid for contracts that would, in normal circumstances, have been out of their reach.


In cases where an SME is offering goods that are in demand, they will be invited to submit a quote via the Dotgov portal, this unique service saves resources and increases sales opportunities for SME’s. Dotgov’s search engine allows local authorities to search directly for the product or service that is needed.


Lloyd added: “There’s a lot of jargon and processes involved, and that puts a lot of companies off. But it’s really quite simple when you break it down. It’s just a system, and with the right training you can understand and work within that system, and profit from it.”


Surrey Chamber of Commerce is just one of a number of agencies in the South East who are planning a series of events later this year to assist businesses in the that region.


Pauline Hedges, Regional Manager and Head of Policy, SCC says: ”Any business using the TfCT-training material can be sure they are receiving really helpful and correct advice”.








Company Background:

Tendering for Contracts Training started providing business development training in 1997 as “Centre for Business Excellence Ltd”, We conducted a research project to determine the specialist training needs of small firms and subsequently developed the Tendering for Contracts Training Programme”.


The pilot programmes was delivered in the form of a one-day workshop between “2000 and 2002”, the aims, objectives and outcomes were designed to empower the small to medium enterprise in all areas of the contract and tendering process, the project was successfully delivered to delegates from all over the UK in south west London, and was fully supported by Business Link and a London Local Authority.


In 2005, our company name was changed to “Tendering for Contracts Training Ltd” to better reflect our core activity. The company has maintained its status as an Associate Member of the Institute of Business Consulting and is an ASET accredited licensed training centre. Other articles include; “Creating A Level Playing Field in EU Public Sector Tendering” - published by -(ECSB) the “European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship” .


Tendering for Contracts Training provide accredited online training, mentoring and support programme for firms who wish to win new business through tendering and winning public sector contracts, We provide a complete programme of assistance that you need, for more information, Click Here >>>>: - Tendering for Contracts Training Programme.


·        Public Sector E-Procurement Ltd:

Dotgov Supplies and Services have been providing support for SME’s since 2004, following the Gershon report that identified the benefits for local authorities in using SME’s, whilst going some way to addressing  the obstacles that face SME’s in successfully bidding for these tenders.


Public Sector E-Procurement have four directors and key staff members who’s cumulative experience provides an invaluable knowledge base to support and assist SME’s in dealing with the challenges facing them, guiding small enterprises through the pitfalls that quite often hold back their development.