PlanMagic offers a complete line of products for starting and operating existing businesses, entrepreneurs, home office, small businesses, college students, CPAs, colleges,SBA offices, accountants, economic development centers, inventors, and all individuals who are interested in learning or applying detailed business planning.

Whether you wish to perform financial projections, conduct a marketing analysis or write a detailed marketing plan, we've got the program to make it easy.

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PlanMagic Retail is the first and only retail business planner and offers you an incomparable amount of automation, a product line and products wizard for up to 10 product lines (or market areas) with an unlimited number of products per product line (or market area), an incredible personnel wizard to add, edit or remove departments, groups and personnel with all details considered.
PlanMagic Retail AE 10.0 - includes templates $195.00 Tendering for Contracts Training

PlanMagic Business is the first and only business planner with so much automation, and a product line and number of products wizard (up to 10 product lines (or market areas) with unlimited number of products per product line). To complete the package we've included a PowerPoint template for personal presentations.

PlanMagic Business AE 10.0 - includes templates $195.00 Tendering for Contracts Training

business plan software You can easily find an overview of our popular well written nearly completed industry specific business plan templates in MS Word format. Some of the PlanMagic business plan templates available are:
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Features an easy to use browser interface for the guide, product line analysis, detailed marketing concept, easy to use financial workbook which offers automatic sequential calculations, automatic ratios, a vast selection of automated charts and much more. Tendering for Contracts Training

coffee bar business plan
If you plan to start a bar or are running a bar, café, pub, tavern, or similar business, you can plan it well with PlanMagic Bar. By entering assumptions such as general, form, financial, inventory, tax, loans, franchise, terrace, seasons and typing the required numbers in the various worksheets.

PlanMagic Coffee Bar 3.0
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construction business plan software
A comprehensive business plan guide, easy to use well-written construction business plan template in a popular word processor format, fully automated construction company financials with a unique project line generator, an easy to use presentation template and state-of-the-art financial analysis tools.

PlanMagic Construction AE 10.0 $295.00 Tendering for Contracts Training