Seminars and Small Projects Management Processes

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How Can Your Project be Successfully Managed ?

It isn't 'rocket science...
To achieve a successful project outcome, the key components must include:-
The Management of Stress, Innovative Ideas, Product/Service Process Integration, First Class Information, First Class Tools, Flexibility, Teamwork, Good Project Management Skills And "The Ambition, Ability and Desire To Achieve A Successful Result".

Tools To Improve Your Project Management Skills

You Must Not Be Afraid of Change

Outstanding Benefits...

Better control of time and resources, save money and increase margins, delivery dates or other deadlines, improve forecasts, meet deadlines more reliable.

Increase communication to your line managers from easy-to-read reports, avoid confusion, increase confidence, enhance workflow processes, reduce risks.

Excellent value for money, reduce process costs, complete system integration, improve process functionality, create more business opportunities, generate greater employee involvement, empower project teams, improve actual planning processes, manage multi-project environment.

Multiple Projects
If your organisation needs to manage a number of projects simultaneously or if there is a need for collaboration between a number of groups working on the same project.

Programme Management
Managing multiple schedules running in parallel, distinct network diagrammatic presentation and segregation.

The news on the street is...Micro Planner Collaboration, create self contained project models at multiple sites using the latest resource management tools, create interactive multi-disciplinary teams with a common interface, using advanced features only found in X-Pert.

Keeping on track, consolidate data from various disciplines then merge to form one large multi-project workflow process file, or separate into Individual Work Breakdown Structures.

But there's better news...
Project Creation Using Logic Networks incorporating many simple planning packages which rely on Gantt chart data entry points, Logic networks provide a powerful overview of the challenges, clear views and responsive system interface tools provide the power that allows project team members to work together collectively from remote workstations, providing a cooperative competitive edge at every stage of your project workflow process.

Healthy WorkFlow Processes Means Healthy Profit(s)...
Get it right Improve time analysis, project modeling allows correction costly mistakes, the ability to adjust sequences to meet imposed requirements, alter or update project information, open tasks from within any report or chart, alternatively drag the bars on a Gantt chart view to directly alter an operation's duration, or add progress at a later stage, monitor controlling paths, supercritical paths and listings of all preceding or succeeding events, isolate or review activity stages.

Adding Resources and Costs, Activities can be overlapped using Start-to-Start, Start-to-Finish, and/or Finish-to-Finish dependencies in Precedence diagrams (or ladders in Arrow diagrams).

Time Analysing the Project, Specify multiple calendars from five day(s) to seven day(s) or 'weekend only' work weeks (or any desirable working pattern you wish to specify), introduce shift work and planned overtime, Time Analysis results reflect your project's exact requirements.