Quality Management of Products & Services

Want to train your own staff? Check out our range of TRAINPAK training course materials - CLICK HEREfor further details. Want to measure Customer Satisfaction? Our Online Surveys can help you do that. -

Training. We offer a range of on-site training courses to help your managers and internal auditors understand the new standard.

Consultancy. We can assist you right through the transition process, from reviewing and updating your existing documentation, through implementing any required changes, to liaising with your registration body at your assessment visit.

Quality System Management. We can offer a complete quality system management service, undertaking all the tasks associated with maintaining your quality management system and protecting your ISO 9001 registration.

With over 10 years experience of working with a wide range of organisations in implementing ISO 9000 quality systems, our pragmatic, straight-forward and cost-effective approach can help you get the best from your quality management system. To help you understand how ISO 9001:2000 can help improve your company, we are offering a free initial review visit (UK companies only).

Training Packs - is a new training concept designed to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of training within organisations. Traditionally external training has been viewed as being expensive and ineffective because the trainers are not aware of the specific activities of organisations and so do not relate training to the day-to-day workings of the organisation. Internal training is better at relating training to the workings of the organisation, but internal training is often ineffective because Managers do not have the time or expertise to design properly structured courses and develop high quality supporting material.

TRAINPAK is designed to bridge this gap. Developed by experts, TRAINPAK provides managers with all the materials required to run a highly effective training course. This includes presentation slides, tutors notes, delegates notes, worked exercises, suggested timetables and other supporting material. The cost of TrainPak is often less than sending two people on a similar external course, and because TrainPak courses can be run over and over again within the organisation, without any additional charge, your savings from using TRAINPAK grow and grow over time. See below for the current range of TRAINPAK courses.

AUDITPAK-2000 - Internal Quality Auditor Training course meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000

SUPPLIER AUDITPAK-2000 - For the training of Supplier Auditors. Based upon ISO 9001:2000

CONVERT-2000 - Conversion course to ISO 9001:2000 for Managers

PED-PAK - Training course based upon the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive Click on the course title for further details.

All TRAINPAK courses contains workbooks and slides of a standard format. These materials are normally supplied on a CD in PowerPoint 2000 and Word 2000 format. However for organisations who wish to vary this format, the following options are available:- All material provided in a printed format. Slides provided as OHP transparencies

All material provided in an alternative file format. Most common file formats can be accommodated. Slides in 35mm format for use on a 35mm slide projector. Slides and printed material can be personalised with your organisation name and/or logo. Slides and printed material can be modified to include information specific to your organisation.

Additional copies of notes, exercises and slides can be provided. To discuss your organisation's requirements or obtain a quotation, please CONTACT US or call Adrian Austin on +44 (0)7710 484934.

ON-SITE TRAINING We offer a range of courses that we will run for your staff, at your own premises. This can be a very cost effective way of training as we charge by the day, not by the delegate. You also save on the travel and accommodation costs associated with sending staff on external courses.

The courses currently available are as follows:
  • Internal Auditor Training (1 or 2 day course)
  • Supplier Auditor training (1 day course)
  • Conversion to ISO 9001:2000 for Managers (1 day course)
  • Conversion to ISO 9001:2000 for Internal Auditors (1 day course)
  • Introduction to the Pressure Equipment Directive (1 day course)

  • We will run these courses on your premises, wherever they may be. To obtain a quotation,CLICK HERE

    SUPPLIER AUDITING For organisations undertaking Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) programs, Atlantic Consultants offers a professional and efficient supplier auditing and assessment service throughout the UK and Europe providing you with the information you need to assess the competence of your suppliers. Using only experienced auditors we ensure you have the complete picture about your suppliers. Our assessment methodology can be adapted to meet the particular needs of your SQA programme. Our typical audit programme includes the following:

    Pre-audit review with client to identify scope and nature of products purchased from supplier, particular requirements, areas of concern and client requirements on the scope and documentation of the audit. Pre-auditreview with supplier to confirm arrangements for audit, nature and scope of audit and planned timetable of activity.

    Taking up supplier references (if supplied). On-site audit with a verbal de-brief to supplier at its conclusion. Verbal de-brief and summary of initial findings to client at conclusion of audit (if required). Summary report of potential areas of improvement to supplier. Detailed report of audit findings covering management, facilities and adequacy of quality management system. Where practicable use will be made of photographs taken during audit. In addition to the detailed report a management summary, including a recommendation on the supplier's suitability, will be provided.

    Online Surveys Paradigm Quality Management Software If you need fast reliable feedback from your customers, then our Online Surveys are for you. Our online surveys can be used for virtually any surveying application including:
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Employee surveys

  • Course evaluations

  • Opinion polling

  • Web site feedback

  • .................Plus many more.

    Its so easy to use. We set up for you a dedicated Survey Form online. Using e-mail addresses provided by you we invite your respondents to complete the online form. We then collate the results and e-mail them to you. To obtain a no-obligation quotation, please CLICK HERE and complete our online quotation form.

    CONSULTANCY SERVICES Atlantic Consultants offer a range of consultancy services in the field of Quality Management. With over 200 successful registrations to ISO 9001 in industrial sectors as diverse as heavy engineering, catering and public relations, we can offer the blend of expertise and experience necessary to enhance the operation of your management systems.

    Whether you require a consultant for a day to carry out an internal audit, design and implementation of a new quality system, or on-going support to your existing system we can provide the necessary expertise. We can provide our services throughout the UK and Europe.

    So if you have a specific requirement, or would simply like to talk through the possibilities, please call Adrian Austin on +44 (0)7710 484934 or
    Process Benchmarking - Operations Overview

    KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE Take it from me, these are the X-Perts

    BPIR.com is an on-line resource, that is open for memberships, BPIR.com is an innovative web-site, developed and managed by Massey University's Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER)

    Designed to become "the essential Internet resource for performance improvement", the resource's mission is to assist organisations world-wide in improving their performance.

    To enable users to access the most relevant performance improvement information the whole database has been categorised by the criteria of internationally recognised business excellence models such as the Baldrige Model, European Business Excellence Model, and the APQC Process Classification Framework (and soon the Australian Business Excellence Framework).

    This classification method enables organisations to find relevant information quickly whether it be in the form of performance measures, best practice case studies, descriptions of improvement activities, or benchmarks.

    WorkFlow Process Evaluation:
    Why should you/your organisation be interested? BPIR.com is a comprehensive resource that aims to meet the needs of all employees and managers that are serious about process and organisational improvement.

    The resource has been designed to educate, inform, and enable your people to consider new ways of improving your organisation's practices and processes.

    The resource will assist your organisation in:
  • _ selecting relevant performance measures (1000's of measures)

  • _ benchmarking its performance (100's of benchmarks),

  • _ identifying benchmarking partners (1000's of award winners),

  • _ addressing opportunities for improvement (100's of improvement practices
           and case studies), and in addition

  • _ we also provide full on-line access to over 600 business periodicals.

  • Competitive Advantage(s).
    100's of Benchmarks 1000+ Performance Measures 1000's of Award Winning Organisation Details 100's of Case Studies 100's of Survey Studies Case study and Survey Content-Review Scores 100's of Improvement Activities Full on-line access to over 600 Business Periodicals Best Practices Implementation Suggestions Business Web-site Reviews Data categorised by the Baldrige, EFQM, and APQC Frameworks Simple and Detailed Categories Self-Assessment Service Research Registers

    Visit us at Membership Application Membership applications are carried out on-line. Please email any queries to Membership Enquiries

    Wide range of information - the one-stop resource
    Information available in the BPIR represents all of the key areas needed to succeed as an organisation. Help in measuring, managing, and improving your organisation's performance, descriptions of how other successful organisations around the world (both competitors and non-competitors of yours) measure, manage, and improve their performance, resources to assist business climate/environment scans and analyses, and thousands of fascinating and engrossing articles on all aspects of business.

    Information from all around the world
    Span geographic, linguistic, and racial boundaries when studying the practices of others. Hundreds of case studies from award winning organisations in more than 20 different countries including hundreds of full-text articles from areas such as the UK, Europe, N & S America, Australasia, South Africa, Japan, and S.E.Asia.

    First measure performance, then assess, and understand it by comparing your performance against that of other successful organisations. Contains a growing database of generic individual, industry average, and world-class benchmarks (over 500 at present) on all areas of performance with links to the full case studies or articles from which they have been taken.

    Performance improvement tools/techniques
    Improve and manage your organisation's performance. Read how competitors and others have achieved dramatic increases in performance. Contains a growing database of generic management and improvement techniques/activities (several hundred at present) usable in all areas of performance, many with suggestions on how to implement, and most with links to full case studies and articles illustrating their use by organisations from all locations and industries

    Best practice case studies
    Understand and transfer the (best) practices of others' into your organisation. Contains a growing database of generic best practices (several hundred at present) illustrated within case studies and articles on organisations from all locations and industries.

    Value for money
    We believe that nowhere, on the web or elsewhere, is there a resource that provides the depth and range of management and performance improvement information as is provided by www.BPIR.com (and at such a low cost). So why not provide access to theBPIR.com for all your staff and therefore empower them to effectively contribute towards improving all of your organisation's systems and processes