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WHAT IS (COER) Centre for Organisational Excellence Research?
Organizations today operate in an environment of increased competitiveness and change. Successful organizations are those that are effective at change, either through creating new markets or meeting new goals for existing products. Yet many companies are ineffective at change and hampered by poor control of their product development operations.

Many companies are unable to accurately estimate, control and improve specific product or contract profit margins, product ship dates, or product quality. Companies know that they need to improve, but with inadequate data they often find themselves unable to prioritize problems, leading to excessive improvement initiatives performed in an unfocused manner.

Companies are left either spending very little money on improvement because they're unsure how to best allocate the money, or are spending a lot of money very ineffectively on numerous improvement efforts going in different directions.
In April 2002 The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) was happy to announce the launch of its Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Resource website theBPIR.com. The Centre believes that this resource is the premier resource world-wide for organisations that are serious about business improvement. The resource contains no abstracted information, pay-per-view, or empty promises, just huge volumes of easily searchable and relevant performance improvement related information.

Why is theBPIR.com unique?
1. Firstly, due to the fact that it houses huge amounts of data relating to all the areas that are necessary to managing your organisation. Over 200 business information web-sites were analysed during development of theBPIR.com, none of these provided such a wide-range of information services as theBPIR.com, and of those that did provide a number of services, none did to the depth, volume, and completeness that is done in theBPIR.com. These services include: Assessing/Measuring performance
A growing database of measures (over 1000 at present) complete with formulae, explanations, and in many cases a detailed commentary about using the measure from one of our partners, the internationally renowned Centre for Business Performance at Cranfield University's Management School.

Setting targets and understanding others' performance
A growing database of generic benchmarks (over 500 at present) on all areas of performance with links to the full case studies or articles from which they have been taken.

Improving and managing performance
A growing database of generic management and quality techniques/activities (several hundred at present) usable in all areas of performance, many with suggestions on how to implement, and most with links to full case studies and articles illustrating their use by organisations from all locations and industries.

Understanding and transferring the (best) practices of others' into your organisation
A growing database of generic best practices (several hundred at present) illustrated within case studies and articles on organisations from all locations and industries. Information within these databases is from leading organisations from around the world. For instance, we have over 200 best practice snippets from Baldrige Award winners, and hundreds of full-text articles from countries such as the UK, US, Australia, South Africa, and Hong Kong.

2. The second key area of uniqueness is how this huge amount of data is made easily and quickly available to you, the busy user. theBPIR.com avoids the trap commonly fallen into by other on-line business information providers; that of making the user do all the hard work searching for relevant information. Using the internet for any kind of research normally consumes enormous amounts of time, you probably know this from experience. theBPIR.com overcomes this problem through providing you with a choice of commonly used business excellence and simple process models with which to view and categorise the information. These include the:

- Malcolm Baldrige Model - Criteria for Performance Excellence
- European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model
- APQC Process Classification Framework
- Other models currently being prepared

Categorisation is taken down to the lowermost criteria of these models and in some cases even lower! The user can simply go to his/her specific area of interest, and if we have the information it will be there, if it isn't then it probably will be soon as we have a team of professional researchers constantly finding information and adding it to the databases.

Of course you may choose not to use any of the models, the database user controls are very flexible and allow the information to be searched by specific words, sorted alphabetically, or filtered logically by country, organisation/activity/measure name, year, size, industry etc., depending on the type of information displayed. These facilities, for instance, could be used to identify critical information such as what management or improvement activities have been implemented by your competitors in the last few years, or provide benchmarking information such as identifying which organisations in your country have implemented specifc management or improvement activities. All our databases are very easy and intuitive to use.

3. Other areas/services of uniqueness that offer incomparable value include: Finding best practice benchmarking partners

A growing database of the largest collection of award winning organisations from around the world that we know of (approx. 2500 records at present, this information is a must for organisations that are looking for best practice benchmarking partners).

Keep up to date with current happenings and ideas - read your favourite journals, or carry out your own research...

Full on-line access (as you would get in a subscription) to current and past contents of over 600 business journals/periodicals! The total price of membership, for most membership selections at the present introductory prices, is less than an organisation could expect pay for access to just this one service through any other resource provider.

Note, theBPIR.com's database brings together information from recognised publication sources from all over the world. theBPIR.com's partners in the development of the resource include Industry Week, Cranfield's Centre for Business Performance, Global Benchmarking Network, Emerald Library, Proquest, and many more.

theBPIR.com - How can it help your company?
The prime concept of the website is to provide a one-stop management/performance improvement resource that is easy to use and takes the pain out of finding relevant data. In essence the resource provides a comprehensive range of performance improvement information that is not only useful to the performance improvement specialist but of interest to all those involved in managing and improving any function or process. As such the resource can play a significant role in helping your staff to benchmark processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement best practices. We look forward to you experiencing theBPIR.com - Other links baldrigeplus.com

TheBPIR.com - Details of Key Membership Benefits

(*) Full on-line access to over 600 Business Periodicals

(*) 100's of Benchmarks - 1000 of Performance Measures

(*) 1000's of Award Winning Organisation Details - 100's of Case Studies

(*) 100's of Survey Studies - 100's of Improvement Activities

(*) Best Practices - Implementation Suggestions

(*) Business Web-site Reviews - Data categorised by the Baldrige, EFQM,
      and APQC Frameworks

(*) Simple and Detailed Categories - Self-Assessment Service - Research

theBPIR.com - Other links baldrigeplus.com