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Tendering for Contracts Training
       Email is the marketing tool of the future
        The correct process is easy! Find Out How!

        Sending unsolicited email is called spamming
        Most recepient don't like receive unsolicited emails
       Some publications rely on press releases to fill their pages
        Some newspapers print press releases as articles.

Tendering for Contracts Training
        When it comes to providing the best online experience for
           your customers, there's no place to go to learn from what
           others have done.

Tendering for Contracts Training
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Web SIte Promotion Tips
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Tendering for Contracts Training 10 BEST E-COMMERCE PRACTICES
(1)    Quick, easy "similar products" feature
(2)    Easy one-click buying process
(3)    Good contextual add-ons section
(4)    Great first-time buying process
(5)    Creative presentation of "product specials"
(6)    Easy-to-use Product Matchmaker
(7)    Good reminder service
(8)    Liberal use of the "Buy" button
(9)    Good "wish list" implementation
(10)  Streamlined auction design

  •      Creative Good and ZDNet have joined forces to bring you the best
             and the worst examples of e-commerce on the Web.
  •      In ranking a site, we use a specific methodology.
  •      The methodology alone should serve as a set of guidelines for any
             e-commerce architect.

  • The Ultimatate Web SIte Promotion Tips
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