Internet Asset Management
Sawmill is a powerful, hierarchical log analysis tool that runs on every major platform. It is particularly well suited to web server logs, but can process almost any log. The reports that Sawmill generates are hierarchical, attractive, and heavily cross-linked for easy navigation. Complete documentation is built directly into the program.

The manual for Sawmill is built right into the CGI program, so it's always at your fingertips as you use the program. Throughout the HTML interface, there are links to relevant sections of the online documentation, and wherever a configuration option is mentioned, or a value is requested for it, there is a link to that option's documentation page. You can browse the documentation by running any copy of Sawmill.

Sawmill is extremely easy to install. For Windows or MacOS, just run the installer and launch the program. For UNIX, just tar/gunzip it and run the executable. Sawmill starts its built-in web server, and you're ready to start using it immediately. Or if you want to run it as a CGI program, you can drop the executable in the CGI directory of your web server, and start using it immediately from your favorite web browser. We will also install it for free on any Internet-connected UNIX-type system.

Sawmill is highly configurable using a large set of configuration options. These options can be set through the graphical user interface from any web browser. The options let you choose which views are available (or you can create your own custom views), what types of information are tracked, which log entries are filtered out, what the statistics look like, and much, much more.

Sawmill stores your statistics in an optimized database. This database can be incrementally updated as new log files arrive, and old data can be periodically expired from the database. Sawmill generates reports directly from the database; it does this so quickly (just a few seconds) that you can browse through your statistics in real time, asking for new views of your data with every click, and receiving the information you want almost instantly.

Sawmill statistics are "live," for unparalleled flexibility while viewing the statistics. Sawmill shows you a collection of interlinked web pages which allow rapid navigation of the entire range of your log statistics. Convenient links and menus right on the statistics pages let you zoom in, set up real-time filters, show and hide columns of the tables and other view elements, sort the data however you want, and much more.

Sawmill's statistics are attractive. The tables are colored for easy reading, and the graphs are shaded and three-dimensional. You'll be able to take the reports right out of Sawmill and show them to your boss, or your investors, or anyone else, without having to reformat them to make them look good-- they already look good.

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Tendering for Contracts Training - Sawmill

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Bottom line strategy?...
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Merchant Account Services
No Merchant Account Needed.
We are one of few companies that allow you to accept credit cards on your site without the hassle of applying for your own merchant account.

Quick Sign-Up.
You can become a Merchant in 10 minutes. All you need is a credit card, bank information, and basic information about your business. We eventually require a signed agreement, but you can begin selling in the meantime.

Double Exposure.
All your products and services are listed for sale in the Ematic Marketplace, classified by category and ready for purchase. Thus, even merchants who do not have their own web site can sell their products at Ematic.

Easy Set-Up.
You can e-commerce-enable your web site by inserting Durango Ematic Order Buttons™ in your existing site with a simple "copy and paste" procedure. Then you can begin selling immediately.

Virtual Terminal.
Our virtual terminal allows you to place orders on behalf of your customers for phone orders, sales that take place in person, or through the backend using your own shopping car software.

Once your products are entered into our system, you can put order buttons on your site, on your auction listings, or even in advertisements. Anywhere people can see your button, they can buy your product. And unlike any of the competition, our buttons allow the customer to interact with you through Durango Ematic One2one™.

No Software to Download.
This means you can manage your products; check your account status, process orders, etc from anywhere. We also keep online records of all your transactions and messages.

We Don't Hassle Your Customers.
Many of our competitors force your customers to sign up and become a member of their service. This can really drive away business! With Durango's Ematic service, your customers can quickly make a purchase and be on their way. And we'll never sell their contact information or send them advertisements.

Your Money, Fast.
We send you ALL of your money in just 10 days! Compare that to an industry average of about 30 days (International merchant are paid in just 15 days).

Customer Service x 2.
Durango Ematic's patent-pending One2one™ software makes it easy for your customers to interact with you (or even negotiate, if you wish). This feature is miles ahead of the competition! Plus Durango Merchant Ematic Services supports your customers through email notifications and by providing a toll free number for them to call us with billing questions.

Low Fees.
Durango Merchant Services charges start at just 6.90% of each transaction as its fee for International Accounts. Compare this to 9% (CCNow), 13.5% (CCBill), or 13.9% (Digibuy). Also, our $19.95 monthly fee is very reasonable and competitive. As well as our initial one time fee of $400.00 USD

Some companies hold you hostage by forcing you to create your web site using their tools, and requiring that you host it with them. Then if you outgrow them or become dissatisfied, you have to start over from scratch. Durango Merchant Services will never hold you hostage. We don't force you to let us host your site, or sign you to long-term contracts. We have to work harder to please you, knowing that you are free to go at any time.

Virtual Terminal.
This exciting feature allows certain Durango customers to make sales in person or over the phone. You simply enter the credit card information, along with a description of the sale into the specialized form below and the sale takes place immediately. There's no need to have your customer go online to make the purchase. Through the Virtual Terminal, it is also possible to integrate with your existing shopping cart for seamless transactions.

International Merchants.
Payment delivery - International merchants may either have their payments sent by international wire ($35 USD fee) or by Fedex (variable fee).

Payment Schedule - International merchants are paid once per month for all sales that occurred in the preceding month. (i.e. All sales that took place in April are paid in mid May).

English Language.
Merchants who do most of their sales to non-English speaking customers may be asked to pay for translation services so that Ematic can perform the necessary checks and verifications with their customers.

International Appeal.
Durango Merchant Services welcomes merchants and customers from any country in the world.

Free Technical Support.
You can reach us by email, phone, or fax.

Extra Features.
We can provide email, hosting, file storage, and image upload at no extra cost.