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Turning Theory Into Reality    Nothing stays the same for long anymore, Your internet business investment needs to be kept in step and up-to-date.

How Is Internet Business Success Achieved?    It isn't 'rocket science' - The key components in business today include:-   Impact, Immediacy, Innovation Integration, Information, Flexibility, Good Financial Management, and Attention to Detail.

   The Internet is more than just dealing with Web Projects. Web Projects relate to people. Who, when and where have always been a huge task before the Internet Manager Suite. Now it's easy to keep track of many people at the same time. Your Affiliate Store & Web Project URLs are directly related to E-Mail, in your Contact Database.

Ideas to Help Your Business    A very unique tool to the IMS is the TEST URLs module. Know for a fact that all your web page links are properly directed and there are no more 404 errors. (A "404" error is... Page not found). They Must Not Be Afraid of Change    IMS InterActive E-Mail System® The Contacts Module associates your E-Mail with the Message Manager, Web Projects and Affiliate Stores. There will be no more "confusion". You will know with a glance which logons, passwords, unique URLs and Web Data belong with which Project or Store.

*   IMS tracks Impressions, Click Thrus and Sales on a per page or per banner
     basis for each of your Affiliate Stores.

*   The Message Manager is a complete follow up E-Mail System which will
     Automatically send requested E-Mail to clients, prospects and friends.

*   IMS will track which credit card you used for All purchases at All Stores.
     The IMS will also track E-Mail confirmations for each purchase .

No one has ever made it really big based on the fear of change, Upgrade your internet business profile today, and derive significant benefits from:  
Internet Manager Suite   Your very Next Task is to Evaluate INTERNET MANAGER SUITE - TODAY! Download the FREE IMS NOW !!!

Tools and Resources
  Security on the Internet is the reason to use more than one password. Use the IMS to take the guesswork out of remembering the different passwords.

WorkFlow Process Evaluation:   The Web Projects Module is used to help You categorize your collection of URLs. To review your collection, just select the category in your database. (How many web sites have You started on GeoCities or TriPod and the like, and forget when and where you started what?)

The Affiliate Stores Module is used to help You manage your Affiliate Store information including commissions earned. These Stores partner with you to sell and or buy their products. Competitive Advantage(s).
"You can persuade someone only insofar as you can talk their language, by speech, gesture, tonality, order, image, attitude, idea, identifying your ways with them." Twentieth-Century rhetorician Kenneth Burke's suggestion that language selection is the key to persuading a person is sound advice for business marketers who use the WWW as a medium of communication.

Many online businesses assume that English is the only language on the net, but an abundance of research and statistics indicate that it is folly to limit communications to the one dialect.

An International Data Corp. (IDC) report - "Web Site Globalization: The Next Imperative for the Internet 2.0 Era", said the fast adoption of the Internet will continue in coming years, but the percentage of American users will decline.
Forrester Research has found that at the moment only 50% of Internet users speak English, and by 2005 it is estimated only a third of internet users will use English for online communication.

At present, according to Inktomi and NEC research, 14% of websites are in a language other than English, which leaves 50% of web users only served by less than a sixth of the Internet's websites. These statistics prove that it is imperative for businesses to prepare for a truly multilingual Internet.

European Internet use is also expected to increase as a percentage of the whole, with Jupiter reporting that European online households will triple in the next three years.

How to Generate new sales and attract repeat customers in the new year
In the New Year - E-mail & E-business Automation Software can be used to put every e-mail function of your business on autopilot so that you can instantly...

1)    Send order confirmations to new customers to reaffirm their decision to
       buy and make them even more likely to buy again in the future automatically!

2)   E-mail follow-up offers to your customers, compelling them to
       buy one of your other products -- automatically!

3)   Enter names and e-mail addresses into your database of leads and customers

4)   Send personalized e-mail to each of your subscribers or customers using their
      own name and other personal information -- automatically!

Tendering for Contracts Training - Keyword Gold Tendering for Contracts Training - Keyword Gold 5)   Send personalized HTML e-mail and close 20-40% more sales by including
       special formatting like bold and italics text -- automatically!

6)   Offer a free newsletter or e-zine that promotes your products, proves your
       credibility, or answers concerns that might be keeping your prospects from
       buying -- automatically!

7)   Use unlimited autoresponders to instantly reply to e-mail from customers and
       subscribers with exactly the right message -- automatically!
       ... and I've really only just scratched the surface here!

All About Inktomi - By Jim Watson
Inktomi is a behind the scenes search engine, powering some of the largest search services on the web, including MSN, Looksmart, About, and others, as well as a number of regional heavyweights. Dozens of
other major web sites use Inktomi Enterprise Search to power their on-site search engine.

In short, Inktomi is a major player in the web search arena, despite its low profile, operating largely behind the scenes..