eMarketing Skills
How To Improve Your e-Marketing Skills ?
The "e-Commerce Race" is viewed as a Marathon - and not a 100-yard sprint. It is all about consistently marketing your products and services through the most effective means available - everyday. These titles will show you the best proven methods.

TrafficSwarm TrafficSwarm is the newest site promotion strategy for 2002. It combines a variety of very effective tactics (one of them being pop-windows) which works 24/7, totally automated, targeted, "viral", proven, risk-free and 100% FREE

Software Secrets Exposed 50% commission. A new manual shows anyone how to create software even if they can't program their own VCR.

Free To Sell Affiliate with the Winners - Would a sales conversion rate of 5.17% interest you? Get 50% Commission just for sending visitors to our site.

1ShoppingCart Try it yourself FREE for 30 days. Accept Credit Cards & Checks Online! Your Total Ecommerce Solution. 1ShoppingCart.com has a wealth of features, much more than most comparable systems. The key phrase here is: Play with it! Try it yourself FREE for 30 days. And whether you keep it or not, earn money as our affiliate, making referrals to our system. Place a text link or banner link on your site to earn 20% in commissions for the life of each account you refer to us!

Step-by-Step: A Guide to Basic Marketing Tools Because sometimes the "basics aren''t always that basic!" True, Step-By-Step marketing tool reference manual. NEW! Two-tier affiliate program free to join! 40% 1st, 10% 2nd

The Ultimate Super Affiliate Marketing Guide How to earn a Full Time Automated Income without a website or a product of your own on a very tight budget.

Insiders Guide to Affiliate Showcase A great look at how to make profits with an AffiliateShowcase site. This Two Tier Affiliate Program Pays You 35% on the products you sell and 15% on those sold in your second tier. A first-rate affiliate program administered by QuickPayPro gives you on-demand access to very detailed stats for you and your sub-affiliates. one year cookie

Adminder DOUBLE Your Business Every Month & Increase Your Profits By 225% If you have ever promoted ANYTHING online and you ended up losing money, or didn't make as much as you had expected ... then check out AdMinder to discover a GUARANTEED solution.

Winning the Affiliate Game 25% on sales from your website - 10% from other sites you refer. That's right, they encourage you to set up your own affiliate network and earn 10% from all of their sales as well as 25% of your own sales!

Make A Living Online A complete package for online businesses. Includes print book, 2 years unlimited, expert consulting and all the services you need.

Internet Marketing Challenge This site has tons of information on internet marketing. It is a paid subscription site. You can get recurring commissions each month!

Surefire Marketing Surefire Marketing is Yanik Silver's site for promotion of "a Whole Slew of Best-Selling Products" including: Instant Sales Letters Instant Internet Profits - 33 Days to Online Profits AutoResponder Magic - Million Dollar Emails - Magnet Marketing - Instant Marketing Toolbox Earn up to 45% commissions and 5% on the second tier.

RoiBot Multi Products The Roibot affiliate program covers many products from software to ebooks and is a 2 tier program. Something for all online marketers.

ClickBank Accept credit cards on your site without the hassle of a merchant account. Plus, introduce your own affiliate program to drive traffic to your site using ClickBank's affiliate management services

TopEzineAds.com Many affiliates are averaging 1 sale for every 10 people and earning up to $200 for every 100 visitors that go to their affiliate site and it's absolutely FREE to get started.

Terry Dean - Net Breakthroughs This affiliate program is 100% free, pays 25% on the first tier, and 10% on the second tier. This adds up to $4.98 a month for everyone you refer and $1.99 for everyone referred by other webmasters.

All-In-One-Business.com Affiliate Program This affiliate program pays 35% for your sales and 10% for the people you refer. Paid out monthly with checks mailed by the 10th of the following month.

ad-CLiX Viral Web Traffic Generation FREE to join - Earn ad credits for every ad you show (Exit pop-under and Banner Ad) and every ad shown by members below you (4 more levels). New members joining with no referral link are allocated to your x by 4-tier network.

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