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A Guide for Procuring Complex Commercial Off-the-Shelf-Software (COTS) for Public Agencies:

A Drama in Three Acts 130 pages $350

Written by Michael Asner, a procurement consultant and RFP expert with more than 15 years experience in dealing with RFPs, IT and Complex Software.

At last! Help for the Procurement Officer facing IT, a complex software package, and the RFP process.

Not just a report but the collected experiences of people who have already traveled this road - made mistakes, discovered truths and completed the work successfully. Selecting complex software in a public agency is risky!

Many agencies bear scars from failed projects because they didn't learn from others who have made mistakes and others who have done it successfully.

Read this report, based on real-life experience and best project, contracting, and RFP practices to avoid major problems. For more information about this report Click here

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Low Value Public Sector Contracts Sources. Our Portal Assist Your Procurement of Contracts Whose Value is Less Than 100,000.

Tendering for Contracts Training



dotgov supplies and services
  • Principal Contracts Officer
  • Purchasing and Contracts Unit
  • G D S Supplies Group
  • Universities Purchasing Consortium
  • Corporate Resources Group
  • Corporate Contracts
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Purchasing Department
  • Corporate Purchasing Manager
  • Purchasing and Contracts Unit
  • Corporate Purchasing Officer
  • Building Services Manager
    Local Government has traditionally put to tender the supply of goods and services. This process has often taken a long time and not been practical for smaller companies to participate.
    Dotgov is a national register of companies who wish to service this enormous market.
    All participating companies will immediately have their details available to local government department buyers via our dotgov database, and their company details will be entered in the dotgov purchasing directory.
    Dotgov offers "Best Value Quotes" as a free service to our customers, the service if a government buyer cannot find what he is looking for, our experienced "Best Value Quotes" team will contact companies in his area offering them the opportunity to quote for supply of the required product or service.
    The companies submit their quotation through their Company Information page on the Dotgov website using their password. The local authority buyer will then be notified by email when a new quotation is available for home on his secure page on the Dotgov website.
    If you would like your company to have the prestige and associated benefits of supplying local government, either call us on 01323 649 411 to discuss how your business can join this service, or visit
dotgov supplies and services


a-t services



  • Effective Communication Methods

  • Purchasing Methods and Profiles

  • Supplies Group Information

  • Purchasing Consortium

  • Purchasing Department

  • Corporate Resources Group Information

  • Corporate Contacts

  • Purchasing Officers

  • Corporate Purchasing Manager

  • Purchasing and Contracts Unit

  • Corporate Purchasing Officer

  • Building Services Manager


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