We are in the process of appointing "resale partners" for our SCORM compliant "Tendering for Contracts Training" programme.

Our training programme is based on fulfilling the training needs of individuals and firms to enable them to satisfy the requirements of procurement in the public sector, our concept enables us to address both public and private sector procurement and contracting on the same principles, our programme has (5) modules and almost (100) multiple choice questions with answers, with an optional module (6) as an aid to learners.

We achieve the objectives of our training programme of (a), preparing individuals and (b), firms who may be new to the procurement and tendering process, to become proficient in securing and managing contract projects effectively and profitably through our unique mentored approach.

Since launch we embarked on a process (a), getting our programme accredited by awarding and certification bodies, (b), selecting the correct marketing approach (c), seeking suitable resale partners.

Our SCORM v1.2 compliant training programme can boast the following learner and partner specific features;
  • The programme is available online, so it is always available

  • On sign-up, each learner receives a 290 page workbook

  • On sign-up each learner will have access to a UK wide support network

  • We offer a very attractive negotiable commission package to our resale partners, who undertake their own marketing campaigns
  • The sale price of our programme is £416.50 without certification and £516.50 with certification

  • We are engaged in developing a UK wide marketing strategy - that supports all our resale partners

  • We will accept our resale partners (suitably qualified personnel) as part of our support network

  • We provide support to all our resale partners and learners through dedicated VOIP and email.
You may download our brochure from here:
Programme Brochure

You are welcome to view an overview of our training programmeat:
Programme Introduction

Please note that you must first register to gain access.

Resale Partner Customisation is possible, but must first be agreed with Tendering for Contracts Training.

If you are interestd in becoming our resale partner, please contact us.