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    Strategy is the great work of the Mind.
    In a life and death situation it is the pathway to survival or extinction. Its study cannot be ignored Sun Tzu the Art of Strategy

    Thinking several moves ahead
    A strategy is a "conscious" and systematic approach to winning over life's challenges and achieving one's objectives. Strategy is not for reactionaries but for "conscious" and thinking people.
    The Environment
    Is the arena in which you compete. It is based on certain economic and / or social realities and teaches us how to use simple mathematics and basic psychology to calculate our possibilities and to understand and persuade our colleagues, associates or clients.

    It also teaches the skills for taking advantage of opportunities - A strategic position has five definitive elements.
    The Strategic Mission Statement
    Unites you with all the people around you to share in your goals and objectives.

    The Climate
    Indicates changes that may takes place and provide you with the opportunities to advance your position.

    For more information contact; Easy Strategy
    Leadership Challenges
    Are the tools that you must develop to enhance your decision making processes and leadership qualities.

    The Methods
    Is the discipline that you apply to the particular situation, Understanding your position in any situation and progressing this position over time is the only certain way of success.
    Training & Business Support for Small Firms

    Why contact us?
    We provide access to a vast business support networkwork that guarantees your success - if your products and / or services meet their specifications, We provide all the training and support that you need to be successful in this marketplace.
    Lloyd Sewell - Assessor / Verifier
    Lloyd Sewell has both UK and European business experience, he has expertise in providing training and advice to individuals and small businesses, counselling for new business start-up, and providing training on bookkeeping and accounting systems. Business development services provided includes; management consultancy to small firms, other areas of expertise includes, business diagnostic.
    Peter Upton - Chartered Accountant
    A well trained and qualified chartered accountant, highly motivated, conscientious business operations professional, who has reached the top of his profession. Commercially astute, versatile with considerable experience working in small and large businesses.

    Client focused with significant direct experience of most aspects of business management. Key Skills and Achievements
    I thought it was very comprehensive in the coverage of the information small businesses need when applying for public procurement contracts. It was well presented, accurate, I think special importance has been given to the package design which allows businesses to choose the parts of the package which met their needs and a business that completed the whole package would be a long way towards being competent in procurement.

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