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Welcome to details of our Accredited Online Tendering and Procurement Training
Course for firms and individuals - Below are the cost comparisons and benefits
of our training -
Date: February, 2011   
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Our course focus on enabling firms to effectively tender
for, win and successfully manage contract projects involving the procurement of goods, products, works or services.

What is Public Procurement
Public procurement is the acquisition of goods, services, and works by a public authorities. Transactions of this nature are public undertakings and, therefore, they are governed by UK and EU Law

Public Procurement vs Purchasing
Because procurement is not the same as purchasing you will have to work as a team, you have to focus on winning that particular opportunity right from the pre-qualification stage.

Our Course is accredited by: (ITOL)
Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

Tendering for Contracts Training

Support Materials
The workbook materials is supplemented with approximately 130 pages of materials covering each module - plus sample documents and other relevant procurement materials.
Tendering for Contracts Training

Examples on how to improve your procurement chances with minimum risk, can be found at
The Procurement Information Toolbox:
Cost Effectiveness
From the above examples it can be concluded that the more learners enrolled - the lest the cost per learner, resulting in a very inclusive cost effective project. The more learner the greater (%) reduction in actual cost per learner.

Learner Benefits
Leaner's follow the online course and the contents of workbook - which has the same content as the online materials - but without answers to the questions -
Tendering for Contracts Training

Learner vs Course Interaction
The learner fills in the answer to the online question - in the workbook this means that other colleagues can go through the workbook and get a very good understanding of all the requirements of the procurement process -

Contact Lloyd Sewell for Tendering Support Today Internal Capacity Building
This process facilities capacity building within the respective organisation - as it provides and easily to follow - detailed procurement training

The online course was specifically developed for small firms and individuals and provides the most cost effective training solution available -
Tendering for Contracts Training

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Pre-Tendering Phase
  • Template for market study report
  • Template to solicit supplier information
  • Criteria for selecting appropriate tender methods
  • Checklist to enhance integrity in non-competitive tender methods
  • Template for non-competitive tender method reporting
  • Guidelines for accelerated public procurement procedures
  • Checklist to design tender methods to reduce bid rigging
Tendering Phase
  • Guidelines for detecting bid rigging in public tenders
  • Anti-collusion tender clause
  • Certificate of independent bid determination
  • Access to contractor information clause
  • Guidelines for supplier debriefings
  • Model format for supplier debriefings
  • Template for supplier questionnaire
Procurement Agencies & Unsolicited Proposals Tendering for Contracts Training
Post-Award Phase
  • Online public procurement reporting
  • Post-award risk assessments of financial vulnerability of contractors
To access this valuable Toolbox,
go to:
Procurement Information Resources
Entire Procurement Cycle
  • Code of conduct for procurement practitioners
  • Registration of private interests
  • Gifts and gratuities checklist
  • Procurement management dashboard
  • Checklist for record keeping
  • Indicators of procurement risk

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Tendering for Contracts Training
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