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The Procurement Process
Some contracts fall under and follow a restricted procurement process for prospective suppliers. The pre qualification questionnaire (PQQ) will normally reflect this and will be the method by which potential suppliers will be identified.

Only organisations that successfully pass through this stage and receive notification that they are on the "Approved Supplier List" will be invited to tender, are you?

We assist you in preparing contract documents Our course focus on enabling small firms to effectively tender for, win and successfully manage contract projects involving the procurement of goods, products, works or services.

Scoring Procurement Proposals

  • Is objective better than subjective?

  • Are scores truly objective?

  • Why bother with scores?

  • Does the lowest price deserve the maximum points?

  • If we don't use scores, how do we know which proposal is best?
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PQQ Documentation - Evaluation and Scoring
Our Training Programme
Pre qualification questionnaires are assessed against a number of criteria and scored according to how well they meet the criteria in terms of:
a) Organisation and Financial Standing

b) Capacity / Capability

c) Knowledge and Experience
A check will be made to establish that the organisation has proper systems and procedures in place. These include:
  • For charities and not-for-profit organisations - (a written constitution, memorandum and articles) or evidence of being a legally constituted body

  • For normal limited companies - up-to-date accounts or evidence the organisation is financially viable;

  • written policies;

  • demonstration of good financial and managerial capacity and / or systems

  • evidence of previous experience

  • They may also request a variety of other documents not listed above.
Question no. Weighting
12 20%
13 15%
14 15%
15 13%
16 10%
17 10%
20 15%
21 2%
Total mark out of 100% = x%
Successful organisation can expect; (a) acceptance as an approved supplier (b) opportunities to tender.
Our Training Programme
Evaluation of submitted pre qualification questionnaires may follow a two stage process to ensure that organisations on the approved suppliers list are eligible, fit for purpose and have the systems, infrastructure and knowledge needed to be successful in delivering a contract.

The first stage of the pre qualification questionnaire evaluation process is an eligibility check; this ensures that responding organisations have met the minimum statutory, regulatory and financial criteria. As a minimum pre qualification questionnaire must pass the following checks:
  • All the questions have been answered

  • Full explanations are given

  • All requested documents are provided

  • Documents and answers pass our fit for purpose checks

  • Check that the information provided highlight no discrepancies
On successful completion of the first stage of appraisal, your pre-qualification questionnaire will proceed to scoring your written response to questions.

The responses to these questions will normally be assessed against predetermined criteria and a score will be awarded.

Each scored question has a weighting which enables a total mark out of 100 per cent to be awarded.

Organisation that are successful - have submitted a pre qualification questionnaire that satisfies the following criteria; (a) meets the minimum standards (b) passes a fit for purpose check (c) receives a mark of at least 70 per cent for the scored questions.
An example of the weighting for each of the scored questions is on the left. business public sector contracts support

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