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A survey in by Business Junction in (2009) reported that "The emphasis on tendering as an opportunity for all also seems misconceived.

The vast majority of companies which have tendered are left feeling it was a waste of time and money.

The process is complex, with issues like indemnity insurance meaning small businesses actually have to pay just to be allowed to make a bid.

However not all is as glommy as it appears, you can - get expert help!!!."
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What is Public Procurement
Public procurement is the acquisition of goods, services, and works by a public authorities. Transactions of this nature are public undertakings and, therefore, they are governed by UK and EU Law.

Public Procurement is one of the main expenditures of all governments in all countries, the importance of public procurement cannot be overestimated and any improvements in the public procurement system can have a direct and beneficial effect on the overall economic situation.

Given the significance of the resources controlled through the public procurement systems and the need for improvement, this introductory course will help the participant explore the key elements that governs the public procurement process. We assist you in preparing contract documents
Our course focus on enabling small firms to effectively tender for, win and successfully manage contract projects involving the procurement of goods, products, works or services.

Certificate / Diploma - in Tendering and Management of Public Sector Contracts
Our Training Programme
Training Programme Background
We identified the important need for the effective training of individuals and firms who wish to become suppliers to public sector agencies through
  • Our successfully delivered series of workshops (1998 - 2000).
  • Programme refinement lead to SFEDI Endorsement in 2004,
  • a DTI Innovation Grant in 2005,
  • Online eLearning implementation in 2006,
  • ASET accreditation in 2006 and
  • (ITOL), Institute for Training and Occupational Learning Accreditation in 2010
Programme Development
  1. Based on EU / UK Public Sector Procurement Directives
  2. Pedagogy based UK National Qualifications Framework & EU Qualifications Framework
  3. Mapped to Institute of Learning & Management - Diploma in Management, Level 5
Training Programme Aims & Objectives
Our aim and objectives are to assist in
"creating a level playing field" in public sector tendering through online training and support that enables small firms to profit from taking part in the procurement process and individuals to understand the procurement process and improve their careers.

Learner Focus
Learners retain maximum flexibility of scheduling to;
absorb (read); do (activity); interact (apply - socialize); reflect (relate to one's own reality) business public sector contracts support

Our Training Programme
Critical Success Factors
Critical success factors are based on supplying learner's needs with innovative solutions that deliver business benefits. Our training programme has been developed with (2) objectives.

Objective (1)
The first objective is to overcome the perennial 'chicken and egg' dilemma in public sector supplier capability.

How? - by providing effective accredited training and support that enables learners to tender for, win and manage public sector contract projects successfully and profitably.

Objective (2)
The second objective was to enable learners to be externally accredited, this;

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(a) adds validity to the training programme.

(b) comply with academic standards.

(c) enable learners on management courses to include our course as an option in either certificate or diploma courses in management.

(d) enable potential learners to be able to apply for Career Development Loans or other similar government assisted training provision. business public sector contracts support

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Our Training Programme
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