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Key findings of a recent SME business survey in London, concluded that;
Most London businesses have never tendered for a public sector contract and those that have tendered,have found the tendering process to be a poor investment of time and money.

Response to the question
Has your company submitted a tender to supply goods, products or services to any public sector agency or other public sector organisations over the past few years?
  • Yes 33. 47
  • No 66.53
So, who is getting these Public Sector Contracts? And what type of firm win these lucrative contracts? Here is a short list of important requirements;
  • Relevant Organizational Experience
  • Excellent Inter-personal and Communication Skills
  • Ability to Co-ordinate, Prioritize, and Organize Workload
  • Good Projects Management Skills
  • Willingness to Learn How the System Works and Comply with Requirements
  • Ability to Meet Agreed Deadlines
  • Ability to supply quality goods/products/services
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Procurement Training for Officials

Example of PQQ Assessment
The PQQ is based on a points-scoring scheme that the assessors will be using and involves (2) rounds.
To win through to the second round you must score (65) points in the first round.

Details of past projects, referees, consultancy projects, related business development, operations development and human resources, (20) points

Evidence that you complete projects on time, within budget and to specification, (62) points

Evidence of quality, safety, equal opportunities, and environmental protection, (18) points

  • Best Value Checklists
  • Contract Policies
  • The Evaluation Process
  • Competition Excellence
  • Open Competition
  • Risk Management
  • Contracting Procedure
  • Contracting Vocabulary
  • Contract Supplier Guide


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Tendering for Contracts Training

Tendering for Contracts Training is a leading thought driven training provider - that provides an accredited training programme for firms who wish to learn how to successfully tender for, win and effectively manage public sector contracts.

Our training programme overcomes the perennial 'chicken and egg' problem that exists in the area of SME public sector procurement activity.

Our training ensures that firms receive appropriate training and support that will enable them to successfully tender for, win and manage contract projects profitably.

Our training assist you in adopting the right approach and preparing perfect tender documentation, in addition we also provide;

  • FREE First Consultation
  • FREE email support
  • FREE Policy Documents
  • FREE Reference Material
  • FREE help with PQQ's
  • FREE Information Updates
  • FREE Newsletters

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