Alistair Darling
recently announced in the
UK budget

"that 30 per cent
of all public contracts must be
allocated to small and medium
sized businesses

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Procurement Opportunities
If you want to save costs and provide learning solutions to your organisation that are accessible to all, e-learning is now more relevant and affordable than ever.

Olympic and Paralympic Games
Delivering the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will require the procurement of goods, works and services from an enormous range of firms.

Reports suggest that around 7,000 direct contracts will be offered to suppliers, wihch will form a supply chain of approximately 75,000 opportunities.

The variety of contract projects range from construction, engineering and manufacturing to creative, merchandising and retail.

What Does London 2012 Mean?
London 2012 will directly buy and manage a comparatively small number of contracts with tier one suppliers or contractors.

Most of the opportunities for small to medium enterprises are likely to come from further down the supply chain or as sub-contractors to larger contract suppliers.

Terms and definitions
Procurement is the term used to describe a method by which a company or agency choses to acquire goods, products, works and services.

Crisis, What Crisis?
The looming recession coupled to 2012 will create more opportunities for firms like yours to succeed.

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Procurement Training for Officials

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  • Negotiated Management
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  • Contracting Vocabulary
  • FREE (TFP) Reports
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    Procurement Risk Management

    • Procurement Reform
    • Public-Private Partnerships
    • Sole Sourcing & Risk Management
    • Supplier Complaints and Protests
    • Statement of Work Information
    • Unanticipated & Unsolicited Proposals
    • Access to Information
    • Green Procurement
    • Managing Issues
    • Procurement Outsourcing
    • Contract Project Management
    • Marketing to the Public Sector
    • Selling to the Public Sector
    • Preparing Wining Proposals
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