Accredited Online Tendering for Contracts Training
Accredited Online Tendering for Contracts Training Brief Description
Accredited Online Training Course in Tendering & Procurement

Learn to access public and private procurement contracts worth over 200bn each year.

Our Course includes;
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  • 290 Page Workbook
  • ITOL Accreditation
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • One 2 One Support
Tendering / Contracts / Procurement

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Accredited Online Tendering for Contracts Training



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Tendering for Contracts Training



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Accredited Online Tendering Training For Small Enterprises Bidding for Contracts

One of the biggest hurdles facing UK small business when planning to bid for a contract is the fear that they will be regarded as ‘too small’ to be considered as a potential supplier to a major public body.

Tendering for Contracts Training provides a course that explains ways in which small companies can develop successful and profitable relationships with contract providers.

Aims & Objectives

The programme is aimed at firms and individuals and is available online. We provide on-line training, online one-2-one support that helps SME's overcome the barriers to and new business opportunities in public & private sector contracting.


As a procurement specialist for over 20 years, I believe this to be an excellent on-line training programme which is suitable for both managers / owners of firms who wish to learn how to tender for contracts and individuals who wish to improve their management skills or change careers.
My team considers that the training programme is very comprehensive in the coverage of the information small businesses need to know when applying for public sector contracts. It was well presented and from my knowledge of public procurement, it is accurately presented.